We meet in worlds

Distant and remote.

As we come closer

seeking and exploring

we find in touch,

words and glancing

the keenly unity

we search for.

We reach out,



undefined enclosed…


Screenshot 2016-02-15 20.59.01

As time went by

one was wondering

which path a man can choose.



in melancholic moods

one finds meaning

in ordinary gestures

and gratitude.



I proudly announce...Magis Mundi!!

Dearest readers,

Finally! En fin! At last and beyond shadow of doubt… I proudly announce my very first exhibition…in cooperation with Sam Carnell, photographer.
So, we are happy to invite you in our world full of colors and little creatures.
As from the 28th of February 2014 till the 16th of March you can visit our exhibition in the cellar of Hof van Ryhove, Onderstraat 22, 9000 Gent, Belgium.
The exhibition will be open on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 18h till 21h. Weekend also from 14h till 17h.
You are welcome!!
Of course there will be bubbles and other lovely yummie things when the exhibition opens 🙂

Now, some explaining has to be done.
Some of the paintings on display are part of my project Bike4Light (see previous posts) and when sold, this money will go to Solar without borders.

If you are interested in buying a painting or photograph (or both) just let me know and I will provide you with the details.
There will be a list available with everything that is for sale and the prices.

But, in the meantime, I’m painting and painting and painting…getting lost in Magis Mundi.

I hope I will see a lot of you there!
May fairies lighten your path…

Love, Kerensa

My home :-)

I dream my dream
while I’m awake.
Even while sleeping
I dream my home awaits…

My home in Cornish meadows
enclosed in shades of green.
To find it you just have to follow
a winding path down to the sea.
There is a cottage almost hidden
behind those birches standing tall.
Let the flowery scent guide you
by the roses along the wall.

And if you’re lucky to get so far,
you’ll find me painting with a smile
amongst all other frolicking fairies
wishing you’ll stay for a while…


While days become shorter
In this lasting summertime
A fairy seems restless
searching for some peace of mind
Wondering and roaming
on moorland sweeping wide

She holds her pace from time to time
Glancing with her sparkling eyes
among royal purple beauty
blossoming on heathland
Delicate and fluty.
Her home is where her love is bound
So she’ll return without a doubt…

Bike4Light !! My Map!

Hello darlings!
Here is my plan from Plymouth to Falmouth. I’ll be biking approximately 120km and it would be brilliant if I get at least 2€ for each km. With only 2€ you can light up a house in the village I’m sponsoring.
Before I wrote it was in Togo, my mistake, it’s in Sierra Leone. Solar without Borders is everywhere around the world trying to light up houses and schools. If you didn’t already, please have a look at their website http://www.solarzondergrenzen.be/nl/projecten/wereldkaart/ where you can see all the different projects.

Of course I will post photos of the places I bike trough, so you will be able to follow me along the way. For this trip I’m going to get a GPS, so I hope it will be possible to track myself 🙂

If you are interested in donating, go to http://sms4light.be/nl/bike-4-light

Afterwards I’ll paint and organise a kind of exhibition to auction my paintings. More about that later on.
Keep following me and be surprised, I’m sure I will be when I see how much I can get together.
We tend to not think when we switch on the light in the evening, a little lamp to read or the light in the bathroom when we brush our teeth before going to bed… it is such a logical thing to do.
But for some people it isn’t and I really wish that we can change that.

I hope you’ll support me and Solar without Borders in doing so!
Share it with your friends, family, just people you know on Twitter, FB,…
Thank you so much and write to you later, sweeties!



Well hello dearest readers,

I thought it was time to make my bike trips and brushstrokes worthy.
Since a few years I am volunteering in a cocktail bar for Solar Without Borders whose main purpose is to light up villages in Africa by installing solar panels. For more info about how they do that, click the link: http://www.solarzondergrenzen.be/en/
But why not do more?
Why not make my inspirational holidays count for something?

So, my next short trip will be for a good cause.
I will be biking from Plymouth to Falmouth, UK on 18, 19 and 20th of September along the coastline.
The paintings that I make from the inspiration I found on my way, will be auctioned afterwards.

If you want to help me light up a village in Togo, Africa, let me know 🙂

Live & play

They used to say
when gorse is out of blossom
its prickles bear the fairy gold.
And in May
when winter is forgotten
its bright yellow flowers unfold
like fairy kisses swift and bold
leading you astray
in glowing Cornisch meadows
to smile
and play…

Dripping, poring raindrops down
Refreshing nature’s deepest ground
Glancing sparkling fairy-eyes
did see your heartbeat sheerly rise

Nothing hides or is hidden
for there is one to see it bidden
to show and shout bright and loud
the whole world awake tonight!

Human kind should know and see
how nature’s wonders sets us free
So live and wonder
Smile and ponder
Your happiness is the key…


An end & a beginning

I didn’t really ended my story about my travels…so here I go.
I visited St Martin on a Saturday, a very hot and sunny day, but that didn’t stopped me from walking around the island.
The beaches are as white as they say and the sand left behind on your feet makes them glitter.
On Sunday I took the boat back to Penzance, picked up my car and spent the evening on the beach of Gwithian with some new friends. To celebrate me going back, we had a lovely camp fire and a nice bottle of champagne 🙂
It was the best evening I had in a while…Thank you, Steve, Dyl & Charlotte!

Because the next week I was looking after Timo the tuxedo-cat and the house of my dearest friends Gerda, Chiron and Aidan, I had to return to Dorset.
I was so happy to sleep in a bed again!
So well rested and with loads of photo’s and pictures in my head I returned home to Ghent on Sunday afternoon.

The next posts will be paintings about my travels in Cornwall and the Scilly islands. I’ll try and show you the beauty I saw with my eyes. And paint…

Sweet dreams, sweeties